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The strategy of development of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in recent years is defined by the triad science education - innovation. This policy is approved by the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of JINR and it answers the purpose of transition to innovative economy in JINR Member States.
JINR has actively started developing the innovation area in early 90s. The qualitatively new period has started in JINR activities in 1992 different scientific and business partners. Hence, the fact that Dubna has been granted the status of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of technological-innovative type has become the logical continuation of JINR innovative development (order of the government of Russian Federation No 781, 21.12.2005). Joint efforts of all organizations of the city and cooperation with business partners, as well as the support rendered by the Russian federal and region authorities created new favorable conditions for innovations.
JINR innovative activity has the following main directions:
  • Creation of innovative infrastructure (Multi-access centre and business incubator in nanotechnologies)
  • Technology transfer and companies SEZ residents
  • Attraction of venture and seed financing, cooperation with Russian state institutions for development
  • International integration of innovative activity with the participation of JINR Member States (including International innovative centre in nanotechnologies of CIS countries).







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