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The Youth Innovation Convention of the Central Federal District in Dubna


The Youth Innovation Convention in the Central Federal District took place at the Congress Center of the “Dubna” Special Economic Zone on November 9-10. The event was organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), the “Dubna” Special Economic Zone, the “Dubna” University and the U.S. – Russia Center for Entrepreneurship.

The regional innovation conventions set the stage for the 2nd Russian Youth Innovation Convention, which is considered to be the most important event of the Zworykin Project. This project is a program governed by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. Its purpose is to give an opportunity to thousands of young people to fulfill their scientific potential in Russia.

The opening ceremony of the Convention was attended by the Head of the Zworykin Project D.A.Koch, the JINR Director Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.N.Sissakian, the Head of the Territorial Directorate of the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones in the Moscow Region A.A.Ratz, the Head of the Department of Innovations and Information Technologies at the City Administration S.N.Dobromyslov, the Vice-President of the U.S. – Russia Center for Entrepreneurship E.Hansen. Professor D.V.Fursaev, the Chancellor of the Dubna International University, delivered lectures to the young scientists, together with the Organizing Director of the International Innovative Nanotechnology Center of the CIS countries A.V.Ruzaev, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Dubna V.N.Bobrov, the directors of companies-residents of the “Dubna” Special Economic Zone, and others.

The Convention of the Central Federal District assembled the best young scientists from the region, including the winners of the Forum Seliger-2009 in the category “Innovations and Technical Creativity”. As part of the event, an exhibition and a contest in innovative projects took place. The young specialists presented their projects to the expert board, who announced the winners at the end of the event.

The winners were: A.S.Karpenkov (Vladimir region) with the project “Program-Sensitive Radio Modem with application of the “System on a Chip” Technology and Wavelet Analysis” in the category “Best Innovative Idea”; A.A.Sandulyak (Moscow) with the project “The Latest in Technology and the Apparatus of High-gradient Magnetophoresis of Ferro Pollutants” in the category “Best Innovative Project”; E.V.Miroshnikov (Belgorod Region) with the project “Virtual School” in the category “Best Innovative Product”. M.V.Bulavin (Dubna, Moscow Region) was awarded a special prize from the International Innovative Nanotechnology Center of the CIS countries (InINCIS) for the best work in the field of the international innovative cooperation. He was awarded for the project on “Creation of the cold antifriction decelerator of neutrons at the pulse fast neutron reactor IBR-2M to study nanomaterials and condensed medium”.

The nominated winners of the Convention have been selected to participate in the 2nd Russian Youth Innovation Convention, which is to take place in St.Petersburg on December 9-10.


The photographs are taken by E.Stupin

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